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#Bloomorocco, a Transformative Surf & Yoga Retreat

We were very happy to host in febuary 2018 the very first #TimeToBloom Yoga retreat, called #Bloomorocco from the blend of our names.

“What is #TimeToBloom?” you may ask. It is the hashtag & Podcast name of Hermine Prunier a 29 years old parisian Yoga Teacher passionate about leading people into loving themselves, built confidence & manifesting their wildest dreams …

The #TimeToBloom seed was planted in Hermine’s live in 2014, as she discovered Yoga for the first time during one of the darkest times of her life.

At the time she was a freelance journalist for 20Minutes.fr but unemployed, struggling with her body image, trapped into a toxic relationship, feeling completely lost in life, lonely & scared …

But as she was walked out of Yoga Class for the first time, she felt a strong intuition that this practice was going to change her life.

That everything that she has always dreamt of was down that path: self-confidence, abundance, success, travels, everything!

« It was just crystal clear! I just knew this practice was going to stick in my life and that I had to teach it » she says.

& it did!

She started to practice & connected to a great community by sharing her own experience on Instagram day after day. It kept her motivated when everyone in her real life seamed to have lost faith in her. Worse, some of the closest people to her heart were shaming her for her content. But she had tools to heal. She had her practice on the mat, a growing faith into the Universe & great mentors to teach and inspire her such as:

Tara Stiles, Mathieu Boldron, Talia Sutra, Meghan Currie, Cuchira …

She started to blossom …

Just a few month later, she began to manifest her dreams giving her first yoga class to her friends at le Parc Monceau & never stopped teaching since!

She has shared her passion & Yoga knowledge in the best studios in Paris leading classes & workshops at Fit’Ballet Studio, featured in magazine’s like Vogue or ELLE very often & other trendy places like Chez Simone or Yoga Village She has work for the biggest brands in the athleisure market such as Adidas, Repetto, Lorna Jane & a few of her classes are featured on the best french Yoga video website Yoga Connect.


Since she’s been teaching Yoga she has been thinking about leading retreats …

Even as a little girl she says she always pictured herself travelling for work, so of course Yoga retreats were definitely the next step to take …

But she was looking for a team that shares her values.

Passionate about hosting, always ready to have a good time, 420 friendly of course & who offer the best service at the best price.

& So it is.

We manifested that for her!

« And beyond ! » #Thatswhatshesays

The retreat was a blast !

We loved hosting the bloomettes, offering them a nest to practice their Yoga & great surfing sessions to challenge themselves through a new exciting practice!

In the best ambience possible ! We had so much fun singing & dancing everywhere,

getting high (not everyone did #freedom), being playful & stupid together.

We had so much fun that many people wrote to Hermine through Instagram asking for a new retreat!

So the second #TimeToBloom retreat is scheduled the first week of May from the 1st to 7th.

Additional to our « surf only package » you will get 4 #TimeToBloom classes a day lead by Hermine:

sunrise + warm up sesh on the beach pre-surf + stretching on the beach after surf + sunset.

Expect a very mellow practice, very flowy, accessible for all levels & ideal to improve surfing skills!

Only for 250€ !

Join the next #Bloomorocco team!

As of Hermine, she couldn’t wait to come back!

So in April she will be leading weekly Karma Yoga Classes on donation (you pay what you feel is right) & all benefits will go to Moroccan Animal Aid to care for the stray animals in our streets.

We can’t wait to watch you bloom in Morocco!

Stay Salty,

Hermine Prunier


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