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Ultimate Surf Spots Guide, Part 1

One of the most frequent questions we get from people who are new to surfing is the difference between the surf breaks around us, what makes them so special and unique, where did they take their famous names from and can we surf them, on this article we will try to break down most of them and which ones are suitable for each level as well as when you should pump up to go in to that line up we all want to go for, beforehand, here is our ranking of surfing levels in addition to the surf spot difficulty.

Surf Levels

1. Rookie (Never Surfed Before)

2. Green Waver (Out the White Water)

3. Intermediate (Improving Basic Surf Maneouvres)

4. Advanced (Can go to any spot)

Anchor Point aka Madraba (Intermediate & Advanced):

We couldn’t start by anything else, everyone wants a piece of Anka’s, you could wonder where he get the name from, let’s start by the both names, back in the 70’s, an old fish factory specialized in Tuna production was operating there, by the front building you could see a big sign saying Al Madraba , the anchors set back then in front of the building inspired the aussie and english surfers to name the spot anchor point.

It’s a beautiful right hander, the one that gave surfing to Taghazout and it mainly pumps up when there NW swell coming in and perfect to work on your cut backs, well suited to low tide but can work on high when it’s really hitting the roof, two main sections with second above sand bottom which allows some green room for tube aficionados, you can either get in from the rocks or have yourself a nice paddle from the left hander which occasionally works on high tide, kindly ask us or your guide for advice on where to go so you get the best out of the legend that is Anchor Point.

Devils Rocks aka K14, Imouran (All Levels):

Not sure very much about the Devils rocks surname, what we are sure of is that few years ago, a moussem (celebration of a saint) was held nearby devils rocks, one of the main attraction was the little cave by the end of the rock, women who are unfortunate in love life can go to the little cave, get splashed by 7 waves and the bad luck is out of the game, it’s 14km out of Agadir and south of a small rocky cliff and less than 5 min drive from the surfhouse, suitable for starters for it’s easiness in the get in and out, work on all tides but much better on mid to high, left and right handers all around, just pick what you like, make sure you stop by Chez Brahim for a coffee or grilled fish.

K17 (All Levels)

Big wide beach break 17 kilometers drive from Agadirwith a bit a of looking like reef/point break on NW swell, easy too paddle too and fun waves for all levels, right and left handers every where but as always much better on mid to full high tide, in case you need to wait for the tide the beach is wide enough to play a game of football with your pals.

NB: to avoid on big swell, only close outs for the menu.

Panorama Point aka Bloody Point (Intermediate & Advanced)

One of the easiest points around, although a fast wave but a real fun one to ride, perfect and long rights when a proper NNW swell is in the area, suitable to begin your green wave journey.

Although many people know as Panorama Point because of the restaurant looking on the point, locals used to call it Bloody Point, many butchers were next to the area, on delivery day the blood from the meat dropped all the way to the point and made the water slightly red, hence the denomination.

Boilers (Advanced)

Right before the lighthouse of Cap Ghir, named afted a washed ship boiler on the shore, it’s one of the most consistent spots of our area with a very powerful right hander barreling most of the time due to the amount of offshore wind turning in the area close to the lighthouse.

Preferably on low tide although works in both when the swell is big, this particular wave breaks on shallow reef, which makes it an Advanced only spot also for the getting in and out, you might stumble upon sea urchins and sharp rocks, you might try sneaking next to a large rock north for less hassle.

Tamri (All Levels)

A stunning surf spot and one of our personal favorites, it’s a big wide beach break 30min drive from Tamraght suitable for all levels and our lord and savior on flat days due to his ability to catch more swell than any other spot around us, the only crack in this spot is the wind orientation especially with southern gusts which makes it a very hard and annoying to catch wave in, still we love it and grateful we have it in our lives.

Banana Point (Intermediate & Advanced)

Alright, you can’t find bananas just laying there in the spot, but the village has an abundance of banana trees hence the denomination, beautiful right hander with a nice little cliff for photographers and your own parking, just watch out for few rocks out there, not so bad just keep an eye, better on low tide on a NW to NNW direction for medium swell, works on both tides when it’s overhead.

Better avoid it in case it’s raining, the river just close by drops a lot of rain accumulated from the area and the water gets pretty muddy.

More to come soon, stay tuned and mostly, stay salty !


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