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When is the Best Time to Surf Morocco

If you have been in Morocco & Taghazout more than once for surfing, your must definitely wonder when is the best surf time to come & surf in Morocco, or at least debunk the mystery behind if Morocco is a surf destination for the whole year, or just during the winter escape from the harsh & cold northern winters.

Well here we will debunk this and talk more and through about the surf conditions in Morocco and especially Taghazout Bay.

In the kingdom of Morocco, the kingdom of right handers & point breaks, the surf seasons are heavily influenced by the country’s special geographical situation & the weather patters. Morocco’s long coastline overlooking the Atlantic Ocean offers world class surf spots & conditions, charming & captivating surfers & wave seekers from all around the globe. To break it down, there are two main surf seasons in Morocco, Taghazout Bay.


The Winter Season (October to March)

The best & most consistent season to surf in Morocco would happen during the winter months, which stretches from late October until March. Around this period, Morocco experiences more consistent & bigger swells generated by recurrent storms in the North Atlantic. These types of swells provide better surfing conditions with larger swells that bring back to life all the fabled point breaks we have around us like Anchor Point, Killer Point, Draculas, Boilers & many others, which gave the Morocco the reputation of being the land of right handers point breaks.

Having a winter swell means also having fewer crowds, compared to the peak summer season in the summer,  winter surfers would experience few tourists and summer surfers in Morocco, the variety of surf spots would mean also less crowded surf spots and more chances to score good waves with less hassle & competition, you can also check out surf spots breakdown page for more insight about all the surf breaks around us Taghazout.

The Summer Season (June to September)

During the summer, the swell consistency drops compared to the winter months, which makes the forecast looks more appealing for beginners, improvers & intermediates alike. However, there is still swell & with good expertise & guiding, you can find hidden gems & swell magnets that works during the smallest days like Tamri or Tifnit.

The upside of summer surfing is getting rid of that wetsuit, the water temperature would range from 18°C to 22°C (64°F to 72°F), so it would be time to get rid of that neoprene, get some board shorts & jump on the wave with us.


It is also very important to note that while winter might sounds and actually is the best season to surf in Morocco, each season has it’s own & unique features, and the perfect time to surf would solely depends on your own level & individual preferences, your skill palette and any specific surf spots you are keen to visit. For updated & accurate information about the surf forecast, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of qualified surf guides & coaches, we would love to assist you with that & provide all the necessary information so your surf trip will happen in the best conditions possible.


We hope that this article has provided valuable information about the surf seasons in which one is best according to your level & ability, & please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any other information







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