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Our story

Salt House Morocco

Born from a mix of the surf culture and Moroccan hospitality, Salt House Morocco is all about surfing the Moroccan way, we set up goal to offer an alternative of the regular boot/surfcamp formula, we go with the tides and the swell and we offer so much more than Surf & Yoga, our vibe, people, knowledge and authenticity with a a dash of exclusivity and attention to details, are the core of Salt House Morocco.

We pride ourselves as being one of the rare 100% locally made and runned surfhouses in Morocco, Taghazout Bay, after years of accumulating experience and knowledge, September 2017 marked the debut of Salt House Morocco, created with the sole aim of preserving the Moroccan values of hospitality & authenticity, with strictly homemade Moroccan cuisine, insourced local produce and a special care to each guest in particular, in addition to showing our people what our coastline can offer with varying the surf and discovery trips, keeping the number of guests to a maximum of 11so the surf groups are smaller and adequate, therefore keeping a more intimate relationship with everyone who steps into Salt House Morocco.

Our motto

We have to live and love in such a way that others will wonder why and how we do it, and when they notice and ask we will have an answer for that and it will be the Sea & Moroccan Hospitality.


Just for you

Meet the Salt House Team


Our founder

Has everything in place to ensure your stay is awesome. With a Masters degree in Tourism and Hospitality, vast experience in surf related hospitality businesses as well as being a surf instructor himself plus a vast knowledge on the area and love for being in the ocean - he is the best guy around to host your stay in Salt House Morocco, also has enough awesome playlists for a lifetime of surfing trips.


Yoga teacher

Born in Siberia to musical parents, Lia fell in love with yoga at a young age. With a thirst for deeper understanding she travelled the world and immersed herself in many different yoga methods and teachings. In Salt House Morocco, you will be introduced to a special Surf related Yoga program. It will help you to improve your performance faster, speed up the recovery, so you will become stronger and take care of flexibility and relaxation at the same time.Lia aims to inspire you to build an authentic practice, drawing on all that she has learnt. In particular, she focuses on creative visualisations and synchronising breath with movement, delivering a dynamic yet meditative experience.


Head Coach

Abdel is born & bred in Anza, Agadir, being the only goofy in the team which makes him more special, he has been teaching for years and loves channeling his knowledge of Surfing to anyone who steps in the house which adds up to his special vibe, also a hilarious trickster and fantastic singer, make sure you give him the guitar to listen to some of his tunes.


Surf Coach

Younes is a pure Banana Village local, a very passionate surfer growing up near the coastline of Agadir & finds a lot of stoke from the ocean, you can always catch him up with his favorite side kick Jasper the dog, make sure to listen to what he says, you'll end up a better person & surfer.

Mohssin (Momo)

Surf & Skate Coach

If Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood had a kid, it would be Mustapha, he is the great soul of the house. He welcomes you with a big smile, energizing breakfast and amazing authentic Moroccan dinner. Make sure you learn a few tricks to bring some of his spicy recipes back to your home.


Surf teacher

Born and raised in Rabat, a true local, with a big passion for Photography and Hand Stands !, Sohayb will ensure you will have the right surf tuition that you will need depending on your level with a very close attention to details and what would make you surf better, a true Salty soul !

And Bro

Our friend

Our approach to sustainability

Local staff

We support the local economy by hiring staff from the area.

Local produce

We source our groceries from local independent stores in the area of Taghzout and weekly Markets.


Spices, couscous, and other food related items are bought from local markets by weight and not in plastic containers.

Zero Waste

We recycle plastic water bottles.


All inclusive Surf Camp and holidays in Taghazout, Morocco

Douar Skti, Tamraght Oufella 80000
[email protected]
+212 6 80 85 52 57
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