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The Surf Coaching

Our Surf Coaching Pedagogy


Our surf coaching pedagogy has for a sole aim to ensure a quick and deep mastery of the basics of surfing within the limited time you have for your surf holiday in Taghazout, our surf coaching doesn’t limit itself to just standing up or different surf maneuvers.

Throughout your surf hioliday with us, you’ll acquire more than just the surfing basics and different techniques, we focus more on the most important skill of them all, which is wave reading in addition to how tides, winds and weather conditions affect the spot choice, which surf break to hit and in which tide.

Surf Coaching

Beginners Surf Course

For your first time surfing, we have an action packed week that will include the following surf coaching material.


Safety Rules & Surfboard Parts

Bodysurfing (crucial for wave reading basics)

Take Off Technique (many options available)

Surf Stance & Etiquette

Paddling Technique (don’t underestimate it, most of the time you spend in the water is paddling

Turtle Roll

Introduction to Wave Reading & Ocean Knowledge (Tides, Surf Breaks, etc)

Intermediate Surf Course

We don’t limit ourselves to teaching beginners, this course is directed to learners with a previous experience in surfing, those who want more fluidity in their surfing, starting with basic maneuvers


Positioning with a surf spot

Duck Diving

Bottom Turn

Surfboard trimming (for longer and fun rides)

Wave Reading & Awareness

Generating Speed

Technical Advanced Maneuvers (Top Turn, Cut Back, etc)

The Longboard Surf Course 

Our longboard course is the perfect package to take your longboarding abilities to the next level by refining your style and technique, in this course we will focus on intermediate level skills such as



Cross Stepping

Bottom Turn (Longboard Style)

Hang Five (Noserides)

Wave Reading & Awareness

Performance Longboarding Approach

Technical Advanced Maneuvers (Top Turn, Cut Back, etc)

All our surf packages include a weekly video analysis and a surf theory class, which allows you to see exactly how you behave in the water and allows us to reach the mistakes and fix them accurately, as a plus a daily follow up and assistance from our 2 certified surf coaches will be at hand anytime you need it.

Our surf coaching will go further than your holiday with us, our aim is to give you tools and skills that you can use independently in any country, surf breaks or condition.

You can also check with our team of dedicated surf instructors anytime for advice, questions about theory or anything that covers aspects of surfing from swell forecasting, board design, fin selection, or anything that comes up to your mind.


All inclusive Surf Camp and holidays in Taghazout, Morocco

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