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Taghazout Surf Spots

Home to Morocco’s Best Surf Spots

Taghazout is the capital of Morocco’s best surf spots, within few kilometers drive, you find over 20 spots of world class waves for all levels, 10 minutes drive from us you can find the fabled Anchor Point & Killer point and plenty more, below is a deep breakdown of all the surf spots around us.

Marked with a star ★: our favorite spots

Slide MapBackgroundSaltHouseMorocco-AgadirCoastMapDesktop MapBackgroundSaltHouseMorocco-AgadirCoastMapMobile Boilers ★Tamri ★Imsouane bay Draculas ★Desert point ★Desert beach Camel point ★Killer point La Source beach Mysteries Anchor Point Hash Point Panorama Point K17 Croco ★Devils Rocks Spiders ★Banana Point ★K12 K11 Anza ★Tifnit Cathedral point

● Cathedral Point 

Imsouane has two gems, the first one would be Cathedral Point, as for the majority of the surfspots in southern Morocco, it works best on NW swell, it’s a very consistent spot during winter & autumn and much appreciated by shortboarders & bodyboarders alike, downside is when it gets bigger over 2m, more surfing prowess are required as it turns into a board breaker.


Improver to advanced

★ Imsouane Bay

Oh the bay, it always saves the day, a great favorite of ours, and a paradise for longboarders, one of the longest right handers we have in this holy land, all sand in the bottom and works perfectly in low rising tide, although on high it’s a prefect swimming pool, knowingly one of the longest waves in Africa, not by far the longest we leave that to Skeleton Bay in Namibia, you can get up to 700 meters ride on a perfect day, but please unless you have arms of steel, don’t paddle back, it’s much easier to walk back to the peak.


All levels

★ Tamri 

A stunning surf spot and one of our personal favorites, it’s a big wide beach break 40min drive from our surf Camp in Tamraght with a beautiful landscape and a river that pierces it through beautiful banana fields, suitable for all levels and our great lord and savior when it’s flat in Tamraght due to his ability to catch more swell than any other spot around us, by the way when we are in this spot, it’s goat tagine for lunch guaranteed.


All levels

● Boilers

Right before the lighthouse of Cap Ghir, this surfspot who took it’s name after a washed up ship boiler on it’s shore, is one of the most consistent surf breaks in Taghazout Bay with a very powerful right hander barreling most of the time due to the amount of offshore wind turning in the area close to the lighthouse.
Preferably on low tide although works in both when the swell is big, this particular wave breaks on shallow reef, which makes it an Advanced only spot also for the getting in and out, you might step upon sea urchins and sharp rocks, you oughtta try sneaking next to a large rock north for less hassle.



● Draculas 

DISCLAIMER : this surf spot is an absolute no go for the inexperienced surfer, it has many things for you in store, sharp reef teeth hence the denomination DRACULAS, powerful rips and edgy waves, if you can handle all of that you got yourself a world class right hander, preferably surfed in low tide and with ground swell hitting the Taghazout coastline, be aware of the offshore wind that blows constantly in that area.



★ Desert point

One of the least surfed points in the area and another favorite of ours, since it’s not crowed and we know it’s inside and out very well, this point that can handle any swell size is around 15 min from the surfhouse & Tamraght, the point side is a rocky bottom for most of it and ending in a beautiful beach break that is Desert Beach which close to the colorful village of Aghroud, preferably called by locals K25, it offers escapes from the surf schools crowded surf breaks in Tamraght & Taghazout.



★ Desert beach 

One of the least visited surf spots in the area and another favorite of ours, since it’s not crowed and we know it’s inside and out very well, this point that can handle any swell size is around 15 min from the surfhouse & Tamraght, the point side is a rocky bottom for most of it and ending in a beautiful beach break that is Desert Beach which close to the colorful village of Aghroud, preferably called by locals K25, it offers escapes from the surf schools crowded surf breaks in Tamraght & Taghazout.


All levels

● Camel Point & Beach aka K21

Don’t go wrong, it’s not that because there is a lot of camels there, at the end of the beachbreak there is camel sort of looking rock, both point and beach breaks of this surfspot are very suitable for learners from all levels, it breaks more on sand bottom as in it’s beginning a very easy reef on low tide, while the beach break is preferably surfed on rising tide to high.


All levels
Improver to advanced for the point

★ Killer point 

Just the name is badass enough, it took it’s name for the numerous sightings of Orcas (killer whales) that happened there, the perfect go to spot when Anchors is busy which happens very often, this spot is another favorite of ours & we will tell you why, the sunsets there are nothing short of MAJESTIC, its surrounded by huge cliffs that adds to the magic of the top shelf right hander and often left hander that breaks there, although it requires a lot of stamina as when big swell comes, strong rips makes the paddle back to the peak quiet a long journey.



● La Source Beach

It’s not because of the apartments nearby that we call it la source, there is fresh water source dripping there and that’s why, a sweet left and right hander at it’s best over a sandy and reefy bottom, if it was good enough for Kelly Slater when he stayed in Taghazout, it’s surely good enough for us.


All levels

● Mysteries 

Alright,there is one thing that really sucks about that spot and it’s take off, it gets a bit tricky there since the wave is breaking over a shallow reef but really aside of that, the wave is quite fast so it’s a great fit of slaloming adepts and it ends with a nice wall of wave on a beach break, to avoid on big days as it’s renowned of being a graveyard for surfboards.



● Anchor point aka Madraba

Big kahuna of all the surf spots in Taghazout, if you never heard about it, you have much homework to do, the two names are quite close to each other in it’s history, we call it Madraba, which is basically a fishing technique for bluefin Tuna which Taghazout is very famous for, until few years ago you could still see the ruins of the tuna factory that was located in what it is the parking now, as for the Australian name, on extreme low tide you can see old anchords stuck deep on the rocks at the 3 section, alright back to the surf, it’s basically a long right hander that only works on ground NW swell, low tide at it’s best but also can work when big swell occurs, With fame comes consequences, it’s by far the most crowded surf spot in the area.



● Hash point 

Yes, as the name suggests you probably got yourself an idea of why we call it hash point, stoners back in the 90’s were to lazy (stoned) to get to Anchor Point so they decided to surf there instead, a nice point break with a mixture of reef/sand bottom, honestly really good for improvers who want to improve their direction within the wave, we don’t advice it as that spot has a bit of a smelly reputation due to the sewers next to it, absolute no go for us.


Improver to advanced

● Panorama point aka Bloody Point

One of the easiest points around, although a fast wave but a real fun one to ride, perfect and long rights when a proper NNW swell is in the area, suitable to begin your green wave journey.
Although many people know it as Panorama Point because of the restaurant looking on the point, locals used to call it Bloody Point, many butchers were next to the area, on delivery day the blood from the meat dropped all the way to the point and made the water slightly red, hence the denomination.


Improver to advanced

● K17 

Yes we know not super creative for surf spot names, but anytime you hear a K, it’s just how many kilometers from Agadir, Big wide beach break stretching for few kilometers and only few minutes from the surf camp in Tamraght, another favorite of ours as it’s a super easy to paddle too and fun waves for all levels, right and left handers everywhere but as always much better on rising tide to full high tide, in case you need to wait for the tide, the beach is wide enough to play a game of football with us as a warm up, or an Acro Yoga practice for those who like to stretch before surfing. NB: to avoid on big swell, only close outs for the menu.


All levels

● Croco beach

There is no crocodiles there neither people wearing crocs all the time, if you stand there and take a look at the far away Killers Cliff, the whole cliff looks like a lying crocodile, few people know but this spot in particular is a perfect land mark to recognize what will be the overall condition for all the spots nearby, as it’s an open and wide beach break, with more left handers than right handers which is very unusual, which makes it perfect for all levels and many surf schools, not a favorite of ours as it’s super busy, but if you are adamant on going there we will be more than happy to take you.


All levels

★ Devils Rocks aka Imouran 

Our homeboy and homespot, although Not so sure about the Devils rocks surname, what we are sure of is that few years ago, a moussem (celebration of a saint) was held nearby devils rocks, one of the main attraction was the little cave by the end of the rock, women who are unfortunate romantically can go to the little cave, get splashed by 7 waves and the bad luck is out of the game, it’s 14km out of Agadir and south of a small rocky cliff and less than 5 min drive from the surfhouse, suitable for starters for it’s easiness in the get in and out, work on all tides but much better on mid to high, left and right handers all around, just pick what you like, make sure you stop by Chez Brahim for a coffee or grilled fish or hangout with the local dogs.


All levels

● Spiders

Another spooky name, but we love to call it spiders as the wave is super-fast breaking over a flat bottomed reef, no so sharp though just a little bit shallow, it’s right in between Devils Rocks & Banana Point, only few minutes drive from the house, you can get in easily there walking past devils rocks.



★ Banana point 

Alright, you can’t find bananas just laying there in the spot, but the village of Aourir has an abundance of banana fields hence the denomination, beautiful right hander with a nice little cliff for photographers and your own parking, just watch out for few rocks out there, not so bad just keep an eye, better on low tide on a NW to NNW direction for medium swell, works on both tides when it’s overhead. Better avoid it in case it’s raining, the river just close by drops a lot of rain accumulated from the area and the water gets pretty muddy.


Improver to advanced

★ K12 aka Douze

We really love this surfspot, it just has something about it, a je ne sais quoi, it’s generally a left hander reefy peak mostly appreciated by bodyboarders, but you can find all kinds of surfers there, very mellow and slow so it’s also appreciated by longboarders, the naps on the beach side are also very exquisite.


Improver to advanced

● K11 aka Onze 

K12 older sister, this A frame reef break gives them all, available in both low & high tide, Taj Burrows (Pro Surfer) was one of the firsts who surfed that wave back in 2007 during his filming of the surf movie Trilogy, the beach break provides also a suitable surf for beginners and improvers alike.


Improver to advanced

● Plaka Anza

Now we move on south of Tamraght & the surf camp, Anza is a moderately exposer beach break, which means that it gets swell most of the time when Taghazout and Tamraght is flat and offers very consistent surf, the beach break offers lefts and rights, while the reef break which is the real PLAKA ANZA, offers a great walled left handers perfectly suitable for shorboarders and bodyboarders and power surfers, also the first part of the Pro Taghazout Bay 2020 was held in Anza, which gives us great pride and honor as it is the first time the surf pro tour is being held in Morocco, Taghazout


Improver to advanced

★ Tifnit 

A typical fishermen village in the south of Agadir, about 46km from the surf house in Tamraght, it’s a very exposed sand bottom on it’s majority, but perfectly situated at the entrance of the village, a perfectly shaped ree break gives a dreamy A frame wave loved by cut backs and snaps aficionados, both ground and wind swell works perfectly in Tifnit which is highly unusual, preferably surfed on low tide and rising tide, once our surf session is over there, we will introduce you Abd el Hadi, who is a local surfer from Tifnit Point and will gladly invite us to a Moroccan peppermint tea and biscuits, we would love you to meet him and hear his shark stories.


All levels


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