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Improve Your Surfing Skills

Surf Skating in Morocco

Surf Skate in Morocco would the best tool you can get to improve your surfing on land, as the concept is to mimic the feeling that you get from surfing, since also the movements & manœuvres are about the same, it would improve your surfing drastically.

We offer a good range of YOW Surf Skates, from most sizes and also longboard skate to get all the feels and styles, as we are also in the village of Tamraght, all skate parks are within 10min drive, like Taghazout Skate Park & Also Anza Skate Park

All the skate session include YOW Skates & protection, Sessions are included in all our Surf Packages.

Surf Skating Sessions





All inclusive Surf Camp and holidays in Taghazout, Morocco

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