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Terms & Conditions


Booking Policy 

Your booking contract is with Salt House Morocco SARL, the person making the booking fully agrees for reading and accepting the following terms and conditions. If a group booking is being made, the person completing the booking must have been given the authority by everyone in the group.

The group leader oversees finalizing the payment for the full cost of the holiday including cancellations and additional charges. Once the payment proof has been provided by the guest, this is when the booking becomes legally valid & official. We reserve the right to refuse bookings without having to give a reason for doing so. 


We gurantee that all prices advertized are accurate, in Euros and per person per week. Upon making your booking the price of your holiday will not normally be subject to change, however we have the right to adjust prices due to changes in inflation, service charges, special offers or exchange rates.

Once a booking has been officially confirmed, price changes and discounts cannot be applied with the exception of rescheduling offers.

Cancellation Policy

Refunds for cancellations are the following :

  • 12 weeks or more from course start date = 70% refund or rescheduling of the holiday.
  • 8 weeks before course start date = 50% refund or Rescheduling of the Holiday.
  • Less than 4 weeks to course start date =  Cancellation & No Refund.
Force Majeure

A force majeure event is any event beyond the reasonable control of the Seller, for example, natural disasters, a pandemic, war, political unrest, natural and technical disasters or an act of God. If Salthouse Morocco SARL AU is prevented from carrying out all or any of its obligations under the booking contract by reason of any force majeure event, then Salthouse Morocco SARL AU shall be relieved of its obligations during the period that such an event continues and shall not be liable for any delay and/or failure in the performance of its obligations during such period. If the guest cannot visit because of a force majeure, then the booking can be rescheduled to a later date with no extra charges or fees, but no refunds can be given.

Health and Safety

Medical Treatment

It is the guest’s responsibility to take out medical & travel insurance, Salt House Morocco SARL is not liable for any financial cost that may be acquired due to medical or hospital treatment. The guest gives permission for Salt House Morocco SARL to arrange medical assistance if the guest in unable to do so due to injury. The guest agrees to repay any expenses that is paid on behalf of the guest by Salt House Morocco SARL.

Travel Insurance

Everyone booking a surf holiday with Salt House Morocco SARL must have full travel insurance. Salt House Morocco has no responsibility over loss, theft or damage to individuals or property during their stay. Guests must acquire their insurance independently

Equipment Policy

If the equipment is returned by the guest in a damaged condition, then settlement of costs for said item must be paid before departing Salt House Morocco SARL whether it be for fixing or replacing the damaged item.

Salt House Morocco SARL is not liable for any loss or damage of the guest’s personal items outside the Surfhouse vicinity or our vehicles, the guest agrees to accept all responsibility for their possessions. 


Salt House Morocco SARL uses an external local company, Surfana Tours SARL . We will arrange transfers for you, if needed in the vicinity of Agadir only. Sometimes we may have to combine guests on transfers which could mean extra waiting time at the airport,bus station or accommodation, please also note that departure times are set for 3 hours prior to your boarding time.

Salt House Morocco SARL shuttle service is only included for a week or more stays & only coming to Salt House Morocco or going from Salt House Morocco.

Privacy Policy 

During surf sessions and excursions Salt House Morocco SARL AU will sometimes take videos and photographs which may be used on the website and on social media platforms e.g., Instagram and Facebook. If you do not wish to be included in such posts then please make it known to Salt House Morocco SARL AU upon arrival.

Law and Jurisdiction

The Contract shall be subject to and interpreted in accordance with Moroccan law and the guest and Salt House Morocco SARL AU hereby irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Moroccan Courts in all matters arising out of the Contract.

Surf & Weather

Salt House Morocco SARL is not responsible for poor weather conditions during your stay, we also have the right to cancel surf lessons if weather conditions make it impossible or unsafe to run lessons as planned. Surf Coaches and  Surf guides working for Salt House Morocco will have the full right to make decisions about whether the conditions are safe or not for lessons, and will also do their best to give the missing lesson(s) back at another time during your stay. Clients cannot claim a refund because of poor weather conditions.






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