A Word on Surf Travel To Morocco with COVID - 19

Surely enough these are new times we live in nowadays, this new virus has changed everything about our daily lives, and honestly we didn't see it coming and it might be the case for lots of us, although it came with perks, that huge amount of time we had to spend with ourselves has made us rethink a lot of how we lead our daily lives, what we think of our future, the people and things we took for granted, and the people who kept in touch with us and gave us comfort and motivation along the way to overcome almost a year of stagnation, we reconnected with our families and loved ones a lot more, since we saw the shadow of deadly sickness that can kill within days hovering over our most loved ones

Now this in mind, we are ready to enter a new phase of having our dear people amongst us, we missed you and hopefully you missed us too, so far Morocco has done well keeping the transmission curve low, we already started vaccination procces over a month now, with the end of the vaccination campaign being projected toward middle april inshallah, for us in the surf camp in Morocco, we are ready to start again, with that few things has to be kept in mind in case you decide to come and surf with us in beautiful Taghazout.

as of the date that this article has been written, Moroccan government has banned flights from the following countries : Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Turkye until the 21st of March, flights coming from France, Spain and countries are still allowed to land on Moroccan ground.

Travel Requirements :

Travelling to Morocco will require a hotel reservation that we would happily provide for you, as well as a PCR test made in the last 72 hours before boarding, keep in mind that children below 11 years are exempt,

All our guests must also complete a passenger health form online at http://www.onda.ma/form.php, then print and sign the form, to be presented upon arrival in Morocco.

For countries who only allow essential travel, please check with me personnally through chat or whatsapp, there is few ways i know to get you here if you are a hard headed surfer who desperately needs some surfing.

How is the Surfing Situation in Taghazout Bay ?

For now we are lucky to have few spots open, we can count in between them Banana Point, Anza, Imsouane, Desert Beach & Point, Anchor Point & Tamri.

With my long time experience in being a surf coach and guide, finding waves would be a fairly easy task, our affordable and all inclusive packages will make travelling to Morocco in these times a stress free experience.